Kadel Engineering

Innovative solutions for cryogenic & vacuum equipment needs.


Innovative solutions for cryogenic & vacuum needs.

Detector Dewars

Metal dewars for cooling scientific-grade detectors have been a cornerstone of our business since its inception.

Liquid Helium Dewars

Open-mouth, or bucket-style, liquid helium dewars provide a suitable operating environment for superconducting magnets and other large experiments. Aluminum, stainless, and fiberglass dewars are available up to 40 inches diameter.

Storage/ Fill Dewars

Kadel Engineering manufactures liquid helium and liquid nitrogen laboratory use storage dewars in capacities from 5 to 240 liters

Transfer Lines

Kadel Engineering manufactures vacuum insulated and non-insulated cryogenic transfer lines. Our transfer lines are custom designed to meet your particular needs.

Vacuum Chambers & Housing

Kadel Engineering offers complete design and fabrication of vacuum products including chambers, housings, and valves.

Valves & Fittings

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