Company History

Kadel Engineering was incorporated in 1976 as a manufacturer of custom cryogenic equipment for use around the world in industrial, scientific and research applications.  Our capabilities include aluminum and stainless steel dewars suitable for cooling devices such as detectors and superconducting magnets.  We manufacture cryogenic storage and transfer equipment for both liquefied nitrogen and helium.  Custom vacuum housings are available for thermoelectric and mechanical coolers.  Other vacuum products include valves and chambers.  We design and fabricate our products for both OEM and custom applications.  Our equipment is found in laboratories, universities, field applications, underground, and space.


Why Kadel?

Kadel Engineering is recognized as a leading vendor of cryogenic equipment for scientific research.  Our considerable experience includes the manufacturing of over 75,000 dewars.  Our only outside sales staff consists of satisfied customers with first hand experience in using our products.  Customers work directly with Kadel’s engineers from concept to completion.  We can custom design and fabricate to unique specifications, or utilize an extensive array of existing designs and products.

Our pricing is competitive and we utilize the latest CAD, manufacturing, and scheduling techniques in building our products.  We design, machine, fabricate, weld, inspect, and finish all products in our facilities in Danville, Indiana.  Our technicians are highly trained and our warranties are pro-rated over a five-year period.  We listen to our customers and respond to their input with innovations that satisfy their particular needs.

We are eager to meet your cryogenic requirements.  Please contact us for more information.