Detector Dewars

Metal dewars for cooling scientific-grade detectors have been a cornerstone of our business since its inception.  Our products are used to cool infrared, radiation, CCD, and other detectors.  Detectors may be cooled by direct or indirect contact with a cryogen or other mechanical or electric device.


Typical Construction

  • Aluminum or stainless cryogen reservoir and vacuum shell
  • Side-looking or down-looking window configuration
  • Multi-layer superinsulation for low radiation losses
  • Gettering for long vacuum life
  • Low thermally conductivity structures and wiring
  • Re-pumpable valve for evacuating vacuum annulus
  • Suitable device interface
  • Hermetic or ceramic electrical connectors


  • Temperature, level, or other sensors
  • Cryogen auto- or gravity-fill replenishment systems
  • Optical windows, mounts and filter wheels